The Funk Hunters ‘Weekly Mixtape Dig’ # 22


Well folks its that time of the year. Yup, its time for the good ol’ festive music to poison us all! We are half through December which means that you’ve probably been listening to Christmas music for over a month in most public places… uhg. 50 days of this garbage is enough to make any holiday shopper vomit! So lets feast on some decent holiday jams to kick off this weeks dig. We turn to a repeat offender on the dig, Marc Hype, for the Worlds Greatest (& 2nd & 3rd Greatest) Christmas Mix! These 2 holiday ho ho ho downs are perfect for the upcoming festivities giving us that merry musical magic without the commercial ear garbage!

Click here to Download VOL 1
Click here to Download VOL 2
Click here to Download VOL 3
Marc Hype – The World’s Greatest Christmas Mixtape by marchype

Next up, another repeat offender, Chuck B! We posted Chuck’s Halloween mini-mix back in October and he’s gone and whipped up another solid themed minimix! This little ditty clocks in under 20 minutes and while quite jolly, it also has a some heavier parts… it may even eat all of your milk & cookies and don’t worry, its certainly gonna fit down that chimney!

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X-Mas Mini Mix – Chuck B (With Tracklist) by Chuck B

Now lets move away from the holiday hammers and get into a crunchy swing mix! Ghetto Swing Vol 1 from Future Swing Sounds is a delightful hour long blend of glitchy, funky, and danceable swing tunes! Well mixed and great flow, this really explores a world of contemporary retwisted bass heavy swing and comes highly recommended!

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GHETTO SWING – Vol1 – Bring’in Back Da Bottle – FUTURE SWING STORIES – D.L in description by FUTURE SWING STORIES

Lets bring on yet another 2nd timer and welcome back Jackatak to our weekly dig. Reppin’ the Itchy & Scratchy DJ’s, he’s ripped up another dope 25 minute minimix and once again Jack flexes his skills on the decks! Tight turntablism and an extremely solid selection of ragga flavours, swingy breaks, remixed funk, and ton of killer classic hiphop!

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Fresher Trax 2011 by JACKATAK

Well, we are going the extra bit this week to make up for our no show last week. This next one comes thanks to the headsup from a good friend to all of us in these parts, Spinforth. We can also use this moment to salute Sir Spinforth (has he been knighted yet?) for all his hard work in his weekly scours. The Scour has exposed us to so many wicked remixes, mashups, edits, and original jams thus bringing epic tunes into your crates and also shedding light on well deserving artists! Big ups Spinforth! Ok, with that said, this next one is a total curveball and will be a big hit for all the ghetto funk toddlers, parents, and stoners out there! Jack Frost has gone and thrown every children’s show theme song and silly sing alongs into the blender for us! From Scooby Doo to Sesame Street to Mr Rogers all your childhood favourite and hates are in the mix! But don’t worry its not all children’s music, at 50 minutes in the little gaffers start bustin’ Old Dirty Bastard lyrics… serious win on this one Jack Frost!

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Jack Frost’s Tu Me Gustas (That’s Spanish For I Like You) by Jack Frost

Alright thats it for this week… We’ve got plenty more heat to spread around this month and will be closing the year of with our Best Digs of 2011 so stay tuned !

Do you have a new mix you want to get out to the masses? Send it our way and if we “Dig” it , we will add it to our weekly posts!

* Please note we are looking for mixes that have REPLAY VALUE or promo mixes that feature original productions and include download links! We will avoid posting mixes in the same week with similar track listings and we will be posting mixes of various genres and styles. If its funky, groovy, hippity hoppity, dubstepy, drum&bassy, downtempoey, or just plain rockin the fuck out, then send your suggestions to [email protected]

Till next week, happy hunting ghetto funkers :)

The Funk Hunters