The Captain

The Captain

If you’ve ever been on a Ghetto Funk dance floor these past few years the chances are high you would have already been tickled ‘below decks’ by the infectious genius of The Captain, swinging alter ego of Italian DJ, musician, producer and all-round Mr. Boombastic; Fab Samperi. 

Master of the mashup, King of the bootleg, his tracks have been championed by the very highest echelons in the scene: Krafty Kuts, Ursula 1000, Skeewiff and Featurecast all rate The Captain highly, and why wouldn’t they when he draws his influences from such wide genres as soul, latin, reggae, hip hop, Rock n Roll and (proper) Rhythm and Blues.

Utterly driven to wring the most fun he can from every DJ set he plays and by django he’s played some sets! His passport reads like a bona fide International man of mystery, Russia, Japan, top secret bunkers, underground lairs, space stations…it doesn’t matter where, male, female, goodies or baddies, they’ll all fling underwear and demand that he sign their breasts.

He can’t help it either. It’s in his DNA. Whether he’s releasing on Goodgroove Records, Resense, ESL or Ghetto Funk and whether his tunes are mambo, bossa, soul or funk, his tracks always attack the central dance-floor gene hidden in us all. He could turn a morbid room of black mascara and nail polished dour goths into a happy gaggle of ‘orange mocha frappe-chino’ male models screaming ‘jitterbug!’ within the hour. 

He has the power to change history. If he was captain of the Titanic there would have been no catastrophe, that iceberg would have seen him on the bridge, tipped him his cap and swaggered off to the ice bar to get more Jagër shots. It might even have done so with it’s arms outstretched declaring “Wooooo! I’m king of the world!” 

The irony is no matter what genre he’s currently releasing, his style is unique, you can always tell a ‘Captain’ tune. I swear you can even hear him grinning somewhere in the middle eight, firing his fully loaded love-funk gun fingers into the crowd.

His latest release vinyl release on Ghetto Funk is already one of the most sought after records of the year and reads more like a mission statement than a track listing. Bam! The man is pure ‘more cowbell’.

DJ Bookings : [email protected] 

Management & Remix Enquires: [email protected] 

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