Well Helloooo you Funk-nasty devils!

I hope everyone had a great easter, whether you were away on holiday, partying large, eating your weight in chocolate or celebrating it for    it’s original meanings.. I hope you had a good one.

Tuesday back is always hard.. but look on the bright side; its already wednesday aka hump day and it’s all downhill from here. To help out I am going to unload a large amount of quality mixtape music on you for no reason other than the fact that my inbox is so full of epic mixes and I simply can’t drag all of these out over a month or so. You could almost say this weeks mixtape dig is a mixtape scour! OK OK calm down spinforth i’m only joking, If you look “scour” up in the dictionary there is still a picture of you in there, wearing a golden crown 😉

Let’s get this smashed out shall we? RIGHT! first up is a super funky mix by a well known producer and DJ who goes by the name Morlack, this mix is going to put a big smile on your face and make you feel good. It’s basically musical therapy, or in lamens terms, its shit hot. Big ups for this one mate, a personal favourite indeed.

Don’t Take My Breaks Away by Morlack


Had enough? if “hells no” was your answer then get ready for this. This mix by legendary AfroQben touches on the funkier side of Ghetto Funk with some lovely Ragga vibes thrown in at just the right moments. This mix is an absolute winner.. I had it playing while enjoying the first warm sunny day of spring, and while I was outside working in the sun with it booming out of the speakers I thought to myself.. “It doesn’t get much better than this” But then I stopped working and cracked a beer and it did get better!
AfroQBen – Funky Reggae Party 2013 MIXTAPE by AfroQBen


Next up.. another fella who’s name is spreading across the funky breaks scene rapidly, especially after his banging track on the latest scour records release which you can grab here if you havn’t already (what? you have? good on ya!) X-ray Ted  decides to ramp it up a bit and give us a super dope blend of Ghetto Funkin goodness.. great mix buddy!

X-Ray Ted – Spring Mix 2013 by X-Ray Ted

Right now that X-ray Ted has you jumping around roaring out and reaching for the vodka redbulls.. I will hit you with the hard stuff! This cheeky little mix by Radical Mixtape big-dog Crashgroove is for all you people that like your mid-tempo breaks hard and heavy.. I reccomend putting it on late at night.. OR first thing in the morning to get your charging before you even have breakfast. COOOORNFLAKES your neighbors will hear you screaming.

Crashgroove-Easter Surprise Mix by CRASHGROOVE!
And now for the curveball.. (REALLY Spinforth I swear i’m just playing with ya!) No but seriously.. this last mix is epic but I will warn you, it takes a little bit to get going.. why? It was recorded live at a festival in New Zealand called The Forest which is usually a tech/house/trance type festival but my man Tone-E managed to hustle in a breaks set! S o there is a bit of ambience to set the scene but once it gets going its ON! Ok i take that back, its not a breaks set, this bad boy hits almost every genre under the sun in this mix (just the good ones ya know) and it’s bloody good. judging by the crowd cheers I can hear through it went down very well too. Nice one bro!

Tone-E Live at ‘The Forest’ 23/03/2013 by Tone-E/Symptom

I could go on.. but I think just over 4 hours of pure joy is about as much as your wonderful ears can take at the moment.. Ok probably not but I will leave it at that, and just ask you one small favor.. If you can take a second to say cheers to the DJ’s that put these up in the form of a comment or favourite on their soundcloud that would be great, and clicking the little blue thumb at the bottom of this page goes a long way for me too! Big Ups to ya all, I’m off to bed!

Until net week friends

Sammy Senior

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