Evening Ghetto Funkers! hope everyone is ready for another banging mix!

Cooor did anyone else get a good earful of the second hand audio release featuring Akil from Jurassic 5? WOOOOW! Get excited about THAT dropping soon.. very excited! If you missed it, say if you were down at the post office about to post some letters to your friends and then head to the library to look up some information on something.. catch my drift? ANYWAY have a gander at it HERE and then wait patiently for the release date!

So who wants a super banging Ghetto Funkin‘ mix with loads of incredible scratching over the top? Well look no further.. suitably named Scratchers Delight are here to bring the goods this week and noone is leaving dissapointed! These guys entered the Sunrise guest spot competition last year and although they didn’t win.. their mix was one of my favourites so make sure you go and check it out on their soundcloud page and see what else they have been up to.

Please give them  a big thanks on their soundcloud page, I can tell a lot of work went into this mixtape and here we are enjoying it for free, so please do your thing and give them a thumbs up, a thanks or mail them a hug!

LIVE @ THE SCRATCH CAVE by Scratchers Delight 

Until next week folks.. have a great weekend, and if anyone feels the urge to listen to this mix with their headphones on dancing like a maniac.. on some sort of public transport during peak travel hours, please send me the video 😉

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Sammy Senior

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