Evening fellow Funkers!

I have torn myself away from the studio to bless you all with another mix! Actually I was just watching The Wire.. but I was in my studio (apartment)

Damn that program is addictive.. I knew there was a reason I stayed away from television series, maybe thats why I like British series so much, because they bang out 2 seasons and knock it on the head. Not that that stops me watching them again and again, I think I have watched the young ones more times that I have eaten Breakfast.

This week I would like to introduce you to a Duo from Miami called Warp9, if you havn’t heard of them yet, I just saved you the embarrasement of someone saying YOU HAVN’T HEARD OF WARP9???!! to you as you stand there trying to think of a good comeback or spacecraft joke. The reason for this is, although only recently popped up on my radar, these guys have some hugely impressive production skills, and I think we will be hearing a lot more from them in the future. Oh.. and they have talent on the decks to back it up, just listen to this magic little glitch mix they have bestowed apon us! Make sure you check out their soundcloud too, they recently did a fantastic job of remixing one of JPOD’s tracks and their latest original which is up for free is a banger!


Warp9 Spring-Is-Around-The-Corner Mix by Warp9


Make sure you let them know how much you love them and beg them to come to your town, I hope they are making plans to get to a festival in the UK this summer (hint hint nudge nudge) and I am certainly looking forward to hearing more tunes from them as soon as possibile (more hinting and nudging)

Big Up Fellas

Sammy Senior 

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