Out Now: “Kola Kola EP” by The Sunburn Kidz (Vibes & Feelings Records)

“Kola Kola EP”
by The Sunburn Kids

Out Now on JunoDownload:

The Sunburn Kids “Kola Kola” Original Mix
The Sunburn Kids “Kola Kola” Arcadion Remix
The Sunburn Kids “Kola Kola” SkiiTour Remix
The Sunburn Kids “Kola Kola” Dub
The Sunburn Kids “Kola Kola” Arcadion Instrumental

Sunburn Kidz is a project of the one and only Gavin Hardkiss featuring
sly vocals by two 10 year old kids — daughter Mika Lola and Rebel
Crew honcho Joe B’s son Scorpio. “Kola Kola” sounds like some
futuristic Baile funk track complete with call and response vocals and
will mos def get the party started right. We asked Arcadion and
SkiiTour to remix the track in 2 very different directions. Arcadion
goes dark with deep bass, pulsing keys and clang and bang percussion
to take the whole thing in a Trouble Funk meets Squarepusher type
direction. SkiiTour take the song in a more future-boogie direction
with funky keys and a straight 4/4 feel. We also included the
instrumental and dub remix from Arcadion to give you some dj options.
A funky package of music that isn’t easily defined by genre, but I
think we are seeing past those things these days.

Vibes and Feelings Records:

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