Mixed-Up Presents ZOOFUNK!! w/ B-SIDE and HIDDEN RIDDIM


Bassfunk returns for another slice of party fuelled basslines following the amazing Beach party (special nod to the turtle)….


We put it to the vote and the masses decided…this months Bassfunk will be ZOO THEMED!! Cheap entry for dressing up and getting involved! Visuals and decor to help create a vibe where all animals are welcome to party the night away! The lion shall throw shapes with the flamingo!

Next up..we cement our love of the Ghetto Funk sound with a very special set from one of our favourite DJ’s from the label (and we only book the names we get excited about..quality control assured!)


B-Side is Ghetto Funk’s best kept secret weapon, one part Superman and two parts Animal from the Muppets. Behind the decks he is a demon, he absolutely tears dance floors to pieces, he can read a crowd like no other, if his gaze falls on you you get the feeling that he can even tell what colour underwear you’re wearing…or not wearing (Fair warning!)

He has the second best head of DJ hair in the world. Fact!

His mixing skills are faultless – although you’d expect that from a drummer of Big Beat legends ‘Surreal Madrid’ who were regularly playing alongside Fatboy Slim, Basement Jaxx and Bentley Rhythm Ace back in the day, he must have been about eight years old then as he’s still only a young buck – Some of the Ghetto Funk gigs can get a little raucous and whether he’s being dry bummed or having bras thrown at him he’s neve rbeen heard to drop a beat yet!

He has wrestled a bear and can cook bacon twelve different ways. Facts!

His production has progressed the old school way, from cutting his own unique bootlegs for his live shows and learning as he went. A seemingly permanent residency at Southampton’s Orange rooms – practically the second home of the one and only Featurecast – helped define his sound and he’s now cranking out regular Juno top spot releases on the Ghetto Funk label.

His manners are impeccable. If he came to your house for tea, your mum would love him. Fact!

We know what releases he’s got coming out in the future and we know you are going to love him, squeeze him and tease him. Fellow producers are going to be sending him scented love letters over his Loop Masters sample package (He likes Brut or Old Spice) and this year will see him playing at all the big events including Breakspoll, Fabric and Sunrise. We’re rushing through the designs for a special helmet to deflect all the underwear he will have thrown at him (goggles, lasers, gaffa tape, lots of netting) but we don’t yet know if it’ll fit over his second best head of DJ hair in the world!

What we do know is If you like the Ghetto Funk sound, you are looking at it’s newest megastar. Fact!

““B-Side is definitely a producer to watch out for! Big hair… big talent… and the DJ skills to match” Featurecast

http://snd.sc/YuhYuv – Check his latest mix here..Beast!


HIDDEN RIDDIM (Cast A Blast/Riddim Fruit)

As if thats not enough..we are crazy hyped to bring you another exclusive! For those who witnessed Dephicit at the last Bassfunk and found him to be a dancefloor devastator (although Summer Bright on sax was awesome!)..he is signed to one of our other favourite labels the highly exciting RIDDIM FRUIT! So many amazing artists in the glitch hop community worldwide connected to them it makes our eyes water with joy!

We have the main man behind the label Hidden Riddim appearing to showcase his label with his pockets stuffed full of exclusives and forthcoming releases! Imagine if you will a unique blended concoction of glitchy grooves, basshop fuelled beats, luscious brooding soundscapes and a few healthy dollops of stomach morphing bass, he has finely tuned his party rocking skills and has fast gained a reputation for smashing together the beefiest beats..

A self obsessed bass addict with a passion for all raves big and small, Hidden Riddim is at his best whilst bouncing around behind a set of turntables. Influences stem from everywhere, the smiley acid house scene to strong countryside cider. Incorporating sounds from hiphop, jungle, funk & reggae into his own customised beats. Hidden Riddim has smashed the Juno Download charts and rocked clubs & festivals all over the UK and Europe. 2013 also looks rosy for the bass junkie with a hectic European tour planned and the release of his debut album “forward ever backward never”. Things are not looking too shabby for Hidden Riddim!

http://riddimfruitrecords.co.uk/ – check the website!!!

Propping up the decks around the main acts…

and a debut from THE GUEST DJ (starting off the night with an hour of Electroswing)

+ Hosting Room II for the evening will be SubKulture Plymouth..

Drum & Bass // House // Dubstep // Bassmusic // Breaks // Garage

With SKP Residents…


£6/discounts if you support the theme and get involved!

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