Michael DeVellis – Over Under – Out Now On BBP

Michael DeVellis – Over Under EP

A. Michael DeVellis – High Freedom
B. Michael DeVellis & BadboE – Over and Under
C. Michael DeVellis – Ryder Classic
D. Michael DeVellis – Turtle Love

2013 has set out to be the year of the funk on Breakbeat Paradise Recordings – and to establish that we’ve invited producer and multi-instrumentalist Michael DeVellis from New York, who’s brought along 4 sizzling jams, that are all about the funk!

Michael DeVellis is no stanger to BBP as he featured on BadboE’s new album Pump Up The Funk, where he made instrumental contributions on the horns, flute, keys and synth on several jams on the album.

On this EP Mr. DeVellis has gone though the crates himself and picked some acapellas, which he’s mashed into his original funk productions. This EP even features the very first joint that BadboE and Michael DeVellis did back in 2009, when things were all about the funk – and nothing but the funk!

A. The EP kicks off with the big 7 and a half-minute production High Freedom, which takes elements of Jurassic Five and Talib Kweli and takes it into Michael DeVellis’ world of funk. The song takes us though several stages of beats and breaks, all designed to entertain us with the funk

B. The second cut on the EP gives us a small glance back into the early era of Nu Funk. Over and Under was the very first track Michael DeVellis and BadboE did together and it settled a great teamwork between the two, which has continued on until this day. With some big bad beats and the raw funk elements of Michael DeVellis is how it all begun.

C. Ryder Classic is the original jam that was reworked as the last track on BadboE’s album called Work It Out. On BBP we thought the classic 70s funk vibes of the original, had just the right attitude we wanted for this EP. Just straight up funky music from start to finish.

D. The final jam on the EP is the energetic Turtle Love, which takes little elements from the godfather of funk himself, and mashed it with pieces from Daft Punk, The Beastie Boys, and the Turtle Island String Quartet. It’s all slammed into Michael DeVellis funky blender and out comes a cocktail of fresh funky vibes.

Michael DeVellis is a multi-talented artist, and here at BBP we are just proud that we had him make the funk once again…

Out today on Junodownload:


Review from Juno:
Last seen lurking on the label’s cracking Pump Up The Funk collection, Devellis returns with his first full EP in a long, long time. Littered with samples and very cool grooves, the whole EP is a doozy but here’s a few more details in case you’re undecided; “High Freedom” is a summer-stunned block rocker with more sneaky hip-hop vox than a Compton recording booth. “Over & Under”, meanwhile, takes a more laid back jazzier approach with a rap that doesn’t sound too far away from Method Man. “Ryder Classic” takes us to a more authentic early 70s funk club and makes us swing until we’re dazzled and dizzy while “Turtle Love” blends the Beasties with Daft Punk and whole series of lush horns. Ace.

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